EDI Translation Service

With every company's need to increase efficiency, more customers want their suppliers to have the ability to process EDI transactions. EDI replaces the faxing and mailing of paper documents by exchanging information through a computer-to-computer protocol, based on specific formats and standards. EDI creates a complete paperless transaction processing system environment, which saves money and increases efficiency. Business documents such as invoices, purchase orders and advanced ship notices can be exchanged more effectively between companies through EDI. Some of the benefits of EDI include:

  • Increasing order accuracy
  • Diminishing order processing costs
  • Reduced order to delivery times
  • Reduced charge backs
  • Faster turn on inventory
  • Better use of warehouse space
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Improved cash flow
The Montisvir EDI module ../includes:
  • Mapping for many of the major retailers.
  • 850's (PO) can be updated as received, or automatically be converted to prepacks
  • 856's (ASN) and 810's (invoices) are sent automatically.
  • All major transaction types including 852's, 820's, 812's, 860's.
  • We also have WMS EDI documents if an interface is needed.
  • Customer and Product Management included