5 Key Features added in version 2.8
  1. Enhanced Inventory Audit Screen - filter inventory movements by direction (Ins vs. Outs). This allows easy tie out at month end by grouping like transactions together.
  2. Location Transfer Screen - Override Option to to move product from one location to another without scanning. A quick way to relocate product bypassing the normal scanning check.
  3. Truckers Call in Log - management screen for to track Bills of Lading (BOL's) that have been called in.
  4. First Cost Document Tracking Screen - detail and track when documents are sent from the Overseas Agent to the wholesale company. A further enhancement to the First Cost system.
  5. WMS Picklist entry screen - New screen designed allows warehouse to enter picklists without having to access Order Entry. Alllows more independence for public warehouses not interfaced directly to a Back Office system.